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Our credit union was built to help members improve their financial fitness, and on the Memberhood we bring together great resources for you, your family and your business. It’s also where we ask for your feedback to help us serve you better. 

Ten strategies to reduce your daily spending [Infographic]

Sometimes it can seem incredibly challenging to cut down on the amount you spend every day. We've got some great ideas that you can start using today - that will help, without...
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Understanding mortgage payments 

Your mortgage payment is likely your largest monthly expense, and it is one that many people don’t fully understand. When you make more frequent mortgage payments you are paying more toward your principal…

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Commit to regular contributions

Investing regularly with pre-authorized contributions can help you save more, faster. The key to successful investing is to stay focused on your long-term goals, no matter how much the financial markets zigzag in the short term. One way to do this is to invest...
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Protect yourself from cheque fraud

Did you know that in 2014 there were 4,579 cases of fraud reported in Alberta alone? It costs Albertans millions of dollars each year, but you can fight back. You can protect yourself.To find out more visit the security section of the servus.ca website or the Canada...

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Protect your investment with a Stock Market GIC
With a Servus stock market GIC, the performance of the market determines the growth of your investment. If the market goes up, your money grows. But if the market goes down, your principal investment is 100% guaranteed, and there is a minimum guaranteed return. Find out how you can get all of the reward, with none of the risk.