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Our credit union was built to help members improve their financial fitness, and on the Memberhood we bring together great resources for you, your family and your business. It’s also where we ask for your feedback to help us serve you better. 

Information Sheet: Rising Mortgage Insurance Premiums

Last year, the federal government changed some of Canada's mortgage rules. Among the changes was an increase in down payment requirements for properties over $500,000. Anyone who's buying a home with less than a 20% down payment is required to have high ratio mortgage...

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How should we protect your spot?

We work hard to look out for our members, and at some of our branches we find that people visiting our neighbours are using the parking spots we have reserved for our members. We were planning on putting up some new signs to help drivers understand that those spots...

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Working with a financial planner is key to retirement satisfaction [INFOGRAPHIC]

Our financial advisors help you plan for retirement by looking at your complete financial picture. And the first step in doing this is helping you answer these three important questions: When do you want to retire? How do you want to spend your time after you’ve...
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Commit to regular contributions

Investing regularly with pre-authorized contributions can help you save more, faster. The key to successful investing is to stay focused on your long-term goals, no matter how much the financial markets zigzag in the short term. One way to do this is to invest...
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5 reasons to consider taking the mortgage plunge

A mortgage is the biggest debt most people will have in their lives, and it can be scary to even consider taking it on. But unless you happen to have an awful lot of cash on hand, it’s what you’ve got to do to buy your own home…

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Help us design a new branch!

We're opening a new branch, and we need your help. Our architect has given us three design options and we we'd love to hear what you think of them to help us figure out which would best serve our members' needs. Please fill out the quick survey below and you'll be...

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Pay yourself first

Finding it tough to save? Consider paying yourself first. Families often struggle to save as they juggle several financial priorities. There’s the mortgage. They have the car payments to worry about. Off course they have to put food on the table. And there’s a long...

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Protect your investment with a Stock Market GIC
With a Servus stock market GIC, the performance of the market determines the growth of your investment. If the market goes up, your money grows. But if the market goes down, your principal investment is 100% guaranteed, and there is a minimum guaranteed return. Find out how you can get all of the reward, with none of the risk.