Protect yourself from scammers and other online criminals

Watch out for phishing, vishing and smishing.

These are techniques criminals use to get you to provide personal information that could help them steal your identity or commit fraud. Watch for emails (phishing), phone calls (vishing) or text messages (smishing) that look like they’re from a legitimate organization but ask you to “verify” personal information. These communications also warn that something bad will happen if you don’t comply.

Servus Credit Union will never ask you for personal or financial information through an unsolicited email, phone call or text message. If you get a communication like this that appears to be from Servus, don’t click on any links or phone numbers in the communication. Instead, call our Member Contact Centre at 1.877.378.8728. For more information about phishing, vishing and smishing, visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website.

Keep yourself safe from online fraud

With almost daily stories in the news about security breaches and new online scams it might seem like it is almost impossible to protect yourself. Take heart – there are some ways to protect yourself that aren’t complicated, and won’t take up a lot of your time.

First, get to know the signs of different kinds of mass marketing and online scams. Ever heard of overpayment scams? What about romance fraud? Awareness is security, so gather as much information as you can from reports on the internet, in newspapers and on the news. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, the Competition Bureau of Canada, and the RCMP are also great information sources. (more…)

Protect your data, protect yourself.

Every day hackers are finding new ways to try steal your information and your money. You can protect yourself.

There are some simple steps you can take to help protect sensitive information that is important to you. The Federal Privacy Commissioner offers these Tips for Protecting your Personal Information: (more…)

Protect yourself from fraud [Infographic]

Did you know in 2014 there were 4,579 cases of fraud reported in Alberta alone? It costs Albertans millions of dollars each year, but you can fight back. You can protect yourself.

These tips are the foundation for protecting yourself against fraud, and they’re the building blocks that you can start using to build the wall that will keep you and your family safe. To find out more visit the security section of the website or the Canada anti-fraud centre. (more…)