Home in quiet neighbourhood

If you are buying a new home, this checklist can help you gather the information you need to make the home buying process quick and easy.


Information for buying a home

Information about the property that you are buying:

  • MLS listing
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement; including any schedules and waivers
  • Contact information for your lawyer

Information required about your finances:

Confirmation of down payment through one of the following sources:

  • Savings account
  • Gift letter from immediate family member 
  • Proceeds from the sale of another property
  • Other assets

Other Documentation:

File folder

If you’re employed you need:

  • A letter from your employer on company letterhead that includes your name, salary or hourly pay rate, name and title of the person signing the letter
  • 6 months paystub history
  • 6 months direct deposit history
  • T4s from last two years

If self-employed or on contract:

  • Notice of Assessments (NOA) for the last year
  • T1 Generals for the last two years

Other income sources:

  • Ask your Servus Financial Advisor or Mobile Mortgage Manager about what confirmation will be required

Additional questions to consider:

  • What current assets or savings do you have?
  • What current liabilities do you have? Includes outstanding balances and monthly payments
  • Do you have critical illness/life insurance coverage?
  • What are your current annual property taxes?
  • How much are your utilities per month?
  • If you own a condominium, what are your monthly condo fees?
  • What is the square footage of your home?
  • What is the square footage of the land?

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