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A good credit score can be a benefit or a burden. It can improve your chances of being accepted for credit cards, loans or even a mortgage. Without the right care though, a bad credit score can severely hinder the amount of money and credit at your disposal.

You have an important role to play in your credit score and you can influence your score by making responsible credit choices. 

Tips to raise your credit score

Pay your bills on time

Paying bills online

Make sure your bills are paid every month, and on time.

Watch your balances

Don’t carry high balances on your credit card, even if you’re making the minimum payments every month. Outstanding debt influences your credit score.

Avoid retail cards

Every inquiry for credit it kept on your credit report, and too many can cause a potential lender to wonder why you suddenly need so much credit.

Take your time

Remember, it takes time to establish a credit history. Open a credit account and keep it open to establish a history of credit use. 

Raising your credit score can take time. By paying your bills on time every month, and maintaining a low balance on your credit cards you can work towards your goal of a higher credit score. 

Tips for raising your credit score