Family moving into home

A well organized move can greatly reduce your stress and contribute to a great experience as you move into your new home. The following checklist can help you stay organized. 


6-8 Weeks before you move

  • Make moving arrangements with a moving company or moving truck rental company 
  • Draw out a floor plan of your new home to decide where your belongings will go 
  • Get packing supplies (tape, boxes, tissue paper, bubble wrap, markers etc.)
  • Clean out closets, basement, shed and your garage
  • Advise post office of your new address and moving date
    • Arrange change of address notices to:
    • Phone company
    • Insurance company – Arrange to transfer your household insurance to your new property
    • Financial Institution and credit card companies
    • Utility and cable/satellite providers – Make arrangements to start services on the date of your arrival at your new home


2-4 Weeks before you move

  • Cancel or transfer newspaper, magazines, and other home deliveries
  • Reserve an elevator with your building superintendent if you’re moving from a condo or apartment building

Good to be home doormat

2-3 Days before you move

Complete all packing. Make sure that you’ve:

  • Labeled boxes with the room they will go in
  • Placed all important documents in a ‘Safe Box’ that you will transport personally
  • Prepare an ‘Open First’ box with the basic necessities for your first night
  • Label all keys for the new occupants
  • Conduct an initial visit to your new home to verify everything’s okay


Moving Day

For your old home:

  • Check all rooms and closets to make sure nothing has been left behind
  • Ensure that all electrical devices are unplugged and the thermostat is turned down
  • Leave labeled keys with the landlord, lawyer or real estate agent


For your new home:

  • Check that you have keys to all the locks in your new home
  • Make sure that all utilities are working properly in your new home 
  • Provide movers with the floor plan
  • Check the condition of each box or household item as it is unloaded and make note of any damages


After you move

  • Change your address on your driver’s licence, car insurance and with your employer